Stop Living Out Your Disappointment

I had a thought several weeks ago as I thought about life and how we process and deal with failure.  Every human being has experienced setbacks, failures and disappointments.  But sometimes particular events stick with us and have a more profound impact on our confidence and mentality.

My thoughts have been stuck on disappointment.  I want every one of my readers to be very careful in how they process disappointing events.

Disappointment should be a moment in time, an event, not a lifestyle!  I have the belief that many people do not move forward because they are too busy living out past disappointments and failures.  Disappointment becomes a life for some and I want to warn against this mindset.

Simply stated, let the past be the past.  Disappointment is an event not a lifestyle.

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8 thoughts on “Stop Living Out Your Disappointment

  1. “Disappointment is an event, a moment in time, not a lifestyle.” -WOW. This is powerful stuff..convicting and motivating at the same time.

  2. I wonder how this strikes the person who has experienced disappointment after disappointment, failure after failure. Letting go of a single disappointment is one thing; experiencing a long string of disappointments starts to feel like a conspiracy.

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