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I am so glad everyone is enjoying the Meet n Greet!  I never thought thisimage

would be this popular and I have decided to do a link party twice per month.  I like helping in any way possible.  Just remember to reblog the post.

Also I will combine the linking with reblogs of my own.  This will give much needed exposure to some of you that need a little support or boost! 

Our travels back to NC are going well, no rain as we expected.  And the interstates in Ga are 3 lanes which makes traveling zip by! 

Enjoy your evening!!



17 thoughts on “Keep It Going

  1. It was definitely a good idea… I was a bit late to the party this time round but will definitely be joining in next time 🙂 for a small writer, blogs that do promotion like yourself are incredibly appreciated for exposure, so thank you very much.

      1. I think i did put a post in, I just think it’s quitened down on that post out so I missed the spotlight haha… Oh well i’m gonna keep writing my short stories and poetry and wait for next time 😉

      2. I’ll be there with a perfect sales pitch prepared haha… Btw I would be honoured to hear your thoughts on some of my works on my blog (mainly short stories, a bit of poetry, and got a novel in the works). I understand if you’re a bit busy, have a good day anyway 🙂

      3. I just read We Were Here and I really liked your short story. I left you a note. My favorite short stories are those that are truly short but quickly grab you. You accomplished this perfectly. Well done!

      4. Glad you enjoyed it, as a writer there’s a nice feeling when someone reads some of your work, just knowing that something you’ve written can entertain/make someone think. Thanks for taking the time to read it, and for helping with exposure 🙂

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