Life is Like a Recipe, Cook It!

When I first started living a healthy lifestyle the first thing I realized is so few people know how to cook.  We tear open a box and combine the processed ingredients and…instant dinner!  Cooking is an art and one that takes practice to fine tune.  My favorite dinner is a Mexican slow cooker meal Evelina makes which has orange and yellow peppers, onions, spices, taco seasoning and shredded chicken breast.  You roll these ingredients into a wrap with a little sour cream.


Sometimes life is like a recipe, cook it; you combine specific ingredients together to get a particular meal.  As instant food is awful for you so is “instant life.”  Meaning you must add the right ingredients to life and then let it cook.  Habits are your ingredients and action, practice and time is the “cooking.”

Take time to apply the proper habits to life in order to get the results you desire!



6 thoughts on “Life is Like a Recipe, Cook It!

  1. I hope you don’t use pre-packaged taco seasoning!!! After doing much research on “food” (I use that term lightly), seasonings are high on my list of “never use”. It’s so easy and quick to season things with individual ingredients, and you can then adjust them by taste or meal, without all the unnecessary chemicals!

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