Law of attraction

Selfishness attracts negativity, giving attracts positivity.  I am not sure if you have ever heard of the concept of Law of Attraction, but in short it is the concept that positive thoughts attractive positivity to your life and negative thinking attracts negativity to your life.

When I speak about changing your mind in order to change your life, this is the concept to which I refer.  I did not realize the power of this concept until I changed my thinking and began to focus on being positive.  When I did this my entire view of the world changed and positive things began to happen in my life.


I have a recommendation for all my readers: start today practicing charity.  Go and find an organization and volunteer your time for one night per week.  Give to the homeless man begging for change.  Take your extra clothing to a shelter.  The world needs more generosity as a life practice and very few actually practice being charitable with their time.  And thinking you are a good/nice person is not giving your time volunteering.

It is time to align your perception of yourself with actions consistent with said perception.  If you perceive yourself to be a good person, then go volunteer and give back to those that are less fortunate.

Giving attracts positivity, selfishness attracts negativity.

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11 thoughts on “Law of attraction

    1. Have you studied Law of Attraction? Implemented? Practiced? Or just being dismissive? Nothing in life is simple. Life takes tremendous effort. Success takes effort. And it requires a strong mind, resilient attitude and hard work. Not simple at all, but doable.

      1. Believe me, I speak from experience (and it is a long one). I feel obliged though to admit that “negative” is not the rule but just another factor to fight against. Thanks for your answer!

      2. I don’t know you and will not presume to know what you have gone through in life, but I will say that I know for a fact that any person that lives in a country with freedoms and opportunity can change the course of their life. If they decide in their mind, develop persistence and dedicate themselves to very hard work. Maybe it would benefit you to read Laws of Attraction or Think and Grow Rich. Both changed my life.
        To begin to get different results in life, one must change their thinking.

  1. I completely agree that living a life full of joy requires that you bring joy to other people’s life. The best kind of joy is doing things for others when there is no possibility of reward or recognition for your service to another.

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