Building Momentum

Each time you make a decision you build a little momentum.  If the action benefits you in some way you add positivity to your life.  If the action is detrimental then you add negativity to your life.  This is why even small, simple decisions are so very powerful and important!


You should desire to add positive momentum to your life.  This means you should be making decisions that will benefit you and your family, not harm.  I call this process building Positive Forward Momentum.  In the example of my healthy lifestyle transformation this principle is demonstrated in linking together multiple days of making good food decisions.  One day becomes one week, becomes one month, becomes a year: Positive Forward Momentum.

It all begins with the changing of one’s mind and the introduction of specific actions to attain a goal.

If for some reason the string of momentum is broken, then simply begin anew and create a new string of momentum.  The important fact is to keep up the work and not quit.

Always have your mind focused on moving forward and think about stringing together several small victories instead of focusing on the larger task at hand: Positive Forward Momentum!

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