I practice the habit of building momentum when I am changing habits or working toward a goal.  I have heard it referred to as the snowball effect, building momentum…I refer to it as Positive Forward Momentum.  Stringing or linking together many small achievements or actions that help one reach a goal.  Jessica Biber has written a simple and practical set of tips aimed at this very topic.


Big Dreamer


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  1. Danny,
    This is a great post and one I read from the top to the bottom. For me it is time to take the next small steps- which is towards weight loss. Shall I try to focus on eating healthy every day for a week on lunch ? I am thinking of this. Danny I am waiting to hear from you about how you are taking the weight loss steps and what advice you have for someone who has tried and tried and tried again.
    PS Thanks for sharing my post on “Weight loss struggles”- it made me some new friends.

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