This Meet n Greet is a Zombie!!

The traffic on the Meet n Greet picked back up so we are going to continue!  Just when i think it has worn out its welcome the Meet n Greet comes back to life!!   Keep in mind that the momentum behind this is the reblog.  If you don’t reblog the Meet n Greet post it will die, meaning you don’t meet new people! 

Also, click this link, In Need of Reblogging Material, and I will reblog one of your posts.  I am happy that so many have enjoyed this experience as it has brought me so much pleasure knowing it has helped bring exposure to those writers that needed views and follows. 

When I am back from vaca I will continue to reblog, but not as many per day.

We are enjoying Myrtle so far even though it is sweltering hot!!  Hope all have a wonderful day!


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