I Have An Idea and Random Thoughts…

For this Monday morning I have a few points of business…

1.  While I was on vacation I kicked a lot of ideas around in the ole noggin.  One of the ideas my wife had that I am 11011756_10206807040759885_6538394107339958274_nconsidering is a video series for my blog.  I am curious to get your opinion of video usage and blogging.  Have you created your own videos?  Have they been productive?  And what do you think about seeing videos on my blog page?

2.  The Meet n Greet last week was a huge success and I will reposting the Meet n Greet on 7/31-8/2, which is the weekend after next.  From that point on I will post a Meet n Greet every other weekend.  I want to thank everyone that reblogged my post and participated.  I really enjoyed the experience!

3.  The reblogging was so popular and I received so many great comments that I have decided to continue reblogging.  If you have a post you are especially proud of or think others will appreciate then leave it in the comments of one of my posts and I will reblog for you.  Please do not post links that have nudity, too much adult language or strong sexual content.  Other than that, any subject is fair game!



13 thoughts on “I Have An Idea and Random Thoughts…

  1. I think in order for me to watch a video it would have to be no longer than 2-3 minutes in length. Just as many bloggers hesitate to read posts that are over a certain word count, I’m not sure how long they would be wiling to sit for a video. If it is short & informative then I’m in!

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