10 thoughts on “12 Best Tricks to Get More Eyeballs on Your Old Posts

  1. I find linking back to be especially useful for my blog. And that’s not only because of the people who read the new post and click on the related link to an old one, but mainly because of the SEO effect it has. I see in my stats that some of the posts I linked back to in one or two other posts get significantly more traffic from search engines than others 🙂 Great tips by the way, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi ReelCarina,
      Thank you so much for reading what I wrote and commenting. I agree with what you wrote. Some naysayers say this will not result in higher SEO rankings, but I agree it will. I may quote you in a future post on SEO and link back to your site. Nice to meet you.

      1. Hey Janice! Well my blog isn’t that big yet, so if I see just a few people coming back through these posts in my stats it’s enough for me. Sure, that would be lovely! Have a great day, xx Carina

  2. I link back to old posts as well. But then also I participate in #ArchiveDays every Saturday, tweet my old posts & retweet others old posts.

    1. Hi Shellie,
      Thank you so much for reading my article and commenting. I was hoping there would be enough tips that everyone could find at least some of them useful. I am glad you found them valuable. Nice to meet you.

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