How Often Do You Say, “Sorry” ?

Brandi at Destination Enlightenment gives her perspective on ‘Golden Tongue Wisdom’ and apologies! Great post!

Destination Enlightenment

sorry‘Golden Tongue Wisdom’ – This is a  phrase my mother uses to describe the moment when you receive an important message from someone at just the right time for you unbeknownst to the messenger.  Follows is some golden tongue wisdom I received years ago in regard to saying, “I’m sorry”.

In the summers during my college years, I waited tables.  I’d come to work in the summer and insert myself into an existing rhythm that I felt out of sync with until I got my bearings.  I would often apologize for bumping into someone or being in the way.  One day one of my fellow servers snapped at me.  She said, “You don’t always have to say you’re sorry for everything!”  I have to admit, that stung! But, she was right.  Thank you Theresa 🙂

As it is in my nature to ponder such things, I really thought about she said and I’ve come to…

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5 thoughts on “How Often Do You Say, “Sorry” ?

  1. I’ve not always been the best at saying “I’m sorry” in the past. But, events that conspired several years ago led to me being able to say that, and mean it. I say freely, and sincerely, now. It’s actually very freeing.

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