Listening Is A Desirable Trait

Today’s theme has been all about realizing we need to listen more and learning how to do so.  I hope my list of  Habits of Successful People is helping each of you to understand the types of habits you can institute to help you on your journey.  Success comes in many different forms, but the steps to reach any goal usually are very similar.  As are the life-habits needed to achieve.

Charisma is something that seems to come natural to some people.  Take a look at this article about charismatic people and their qualities.  Pay attention to numero uno:


Big Dreamer


8 thoughts on “Listening Is A Desirable Trait

  1. Great article. As a matter of fact, part of the reason I blog is because I get so engaged in a persons story that I often don’t leave much time for much reciprocity. Everybody deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and this article is a guide in just how to do that.

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