Is Apologizing Really Important?

A conversation earlier today got me questioning the importance of apologizing.  I never want to close my mind to new ideas or concepts and try to be open to others that hold different views than I.  Is it really important to apologize and, if so, why?  I found this article that made sense to me.


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12 thoughts on “Is Apologizing Really Important?

  1. I think an apology is needed when you havwee done something damaging/hurtful and you would like to take steps toward restitution/reconciliation. Some use it too often, for wrong reasons and it becomes meaningless.

  2. I like the message that an apology must be heartfelt. Too often, ‘sorry’ or worse, ‘my bad’ is the automatic response when something goes wrong. A genuine apology demonstrates genuine empathy, and wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone mastered the challenge of other-people’s-shoes.

    1. Thanks for sharing and contributing to the conversation. Have you encountered people that openly admit that they do not apologize? And if so, could you talk about what is behind this mindset? I ask because someone said this to me yesterday and said that apologizing is a weakness. I am trying to understand this thought pattern.

      1. I have encountered a lot of people that don’t apologize. They haven’t admitted it, but it seems like I’m always the one apologizing to them. There are just some people that have it in their head that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Apologizing as a weakness stems from a belief that you are admitting defeat, that you should be the one to outlast the other person and make them apologize first. It’s sad, but people with this mindset are guilty of the deadly sin of pride, and far too much of it at that. Their pride won’t let them admit when they’re wrong, and even when they’re not wrong, they refuse to be the peacemaker.

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