The importance of apologizing to your kids.

The feedback on the topic of apologizing has been incredible. I never thought this subject would garner such response and attention! I found this post on TristanHart about the parent/child relationship and apologizing. Hope you enjoy!


3 thoughts on “The importance of apologizing to your kids.

  1. I am 55 and my parents are in their early 80’s. Sure, we had lots of issues and a few years ago, I realized they were not going to change because I thought they should.

    We have healed and completed our relationship. We acknowledge that none of us are perfect, but we are perfect in our humaness and after lots of difficult years, we are best friends, although we live 750 miles apart.

    When I’m wrong, I am not afraid to admit it to my daughters, (now 20/24/27). Fair is fair and I think that I am more of an authority figure for them because they know that if I screw up and have a knee-jerk response, I will apologize and they respect that.

    Great article and a great lesson.

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