Gandhi’s Accomplishments

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Achievements of Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi initiated a constructive program for social reforms. He introduced the concept of ahimsa and Satyagraha. He led the Indians to break the salt laws which deprived the poor Indians from owning salt when the British failed to give into their pleas. British had exercised monopoly in the production and sale of salt. Gandhi was arrested with many other demonstrators. Irwin agreed to hold a round table conference with Gandhi in London so as to negotiate for possible conditions of Indian independence. Before the involvement of Gandhi in Indian politics, the struggle for independence in India was very minimal (Easwaran, 1997).

Gandhi was mainly engaged in the constructive reform of the Indian community. He decided to live at a remote village in India that had no electricity and running water and vowed to return to Ahmedabad after India was granted independence. Gandhi had a very great influence on the functionong of the Indian Congress working committee. In the year 1942, Gandhi delivered a speech urging all Indians to lay down their lives for the cause of Indian freedom and at the same time asked the colonialists to leave the country (Fischer, 1983).

Gandhi distanced himself from politics when he realized that leaders were craving for power rather than the interest of the Indian population. After war, the conflicts between Hindu and the Muslims took place; Gandhi undertook a major duty of nursing those who were wounded and consoled those whose people had died. Gandhi constituted a one–man boundary force between the Muslims and the Hindus in the prominent words of his last viceroy.  Gandhi’s efforts to unite the two religious communities brought the fighting in Calcutta to a stop. His critics referred to it as ‘the Gandhi’s miracle of Calcutta’. India finally gained independence in the year 1947 after a rigorous process and tribulations faced by Gandhi and other Indians. Gandhi therefore played a key role in winning independence for his country. Later on, a war broke out between the Muslims and the Hindu in Pakistan; it led to death of one million people and scores of others displaced. In order to advocate for ceasefire, Gandhi started his last fast unto the death of his life. He terminated the fast after the leaders of both societies signed a treaty saying that they were then prepared to live in harmony and safeguard the lives, property and faith of the Muslims (Easwaran, 1997).

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