Morality is the defence of the weak

RESHMAELIZABETHTHOMASS provides another view on morality!


Morality is the defense of the weak

“The devil can site scripture for this purpose”

Hasn’t the devil been known to defend his evil sometimes by quoting the scriptures?

Morality was made for man, not man for morality. Yes the basic idea of morality in human life is to live a life without harming or discriminating others in the society especially the weaker sections. Morality can only play as a tool to defend them and make the public aware, the distinction between right and wrong.

Now let’s switch our clock back to our school days, where we used to have a class named Moral Science. Right from the age we are young our parents, teachers, teach us to think on the basis of morality.

India is an ancient society and Indian civilization has a long history. But our society is marred by many social evils. Taking the example of woman…

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