Happy Monday!

I am very glad the Meet n Greet was such a success once again!  I ended up with over 400 comments expressing gratitude for the reblogging and MnG and I want to say “thank you” to all of you for reblogging the link and sharing!  There will be another MnG in 2 weeks and will continue the practice until it loses effectiveness.  Always remember that blogging is about community so be quick to think of others while also getting your message expressed.

I have added a couple pages to my header: a copyright statement and the 4 Pillars of Successful Living.  Check them out if you get a second.  Unfortunately I recently found a page using some of my material without my permission so I added the copyright page.  This guy had literally copied and pasted a few of my posts onto his page and not given any credit.  WHO DOES THIS?  And it doesn’t appear to be uncommon as I read the same thing happened to Jason over at Harsh Reality.

Anyway, if you use other people’s content simply give that person the appropriate credit.  Thanks.


Later today I will be posting my latest installment of Habits of Successful People and I am excited about continuing this series.

I do have a little something that has been on my mind.  I posted this to my personal FB page this past weekend and wanted to share my thoughts…

Some of you may know I started writing back in November. I started a blog called Dream Big, Dream Often which encourages folk to be a better form of themselves. The popularity of my blog has opened the door to me writing my first book, which is scheduled to go to editing in January 2016, and to a relationship with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society where I am scheduled to speak to many groups through the end of this year. Talk about life-changing!

I cannot encourage you more to follow your dream; whatever that dream entails. I often joke that man was not meant to work in a cubicle, unless working in a cubicle is your dream! People, life is short and there is no time to waste. Take inventory of your life and then make decisions accordingly. I know that few will hear my words, but I will say them nonetheless.

Do not waste time in a job you hate, living in a town you loathe, hanging around people that are holding you back. Start treating your body with respect, pay down your debt, get organized and start volunteering your time somewhere; these are the principles I espouse.

Just a thought for a Monday…



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  1. My one suggestion for further meet and greets or reblogs . . . the one thing that I’ve noticed is that a lot of people are liking things just to like them, but they don’t actually click through and read the post. What I’ve been doing is going through everything that you reblog and flag the things I find interesting and then I actually take the time to read them and like what I find interesting and well done and follow the blog if it is something I think I will always want to follow. I understand wanting a following – but I want a TRUE following – not just the numbers. If that makes any sense . . .

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