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So I reblogged a post earlier from forevershannon and I am thinking that her post needs more support.  Shannon has an idea to eliminate the word hate from our mouths as we use it too quickly and casually.  We should focus on kindness and love.  8

For 14 years of age Shannon has wisdom far beyond her years and I appreciate her passion and willingness to put forth this idea.  Here is what I am going to ask of anyone that reads this:

  1. Click on forevershannon and follow, like, and reblog her post.
  2. Commit to eliminating the casual use of hate from your vocabulary.
  3. Challenge your readers to follow, reblog and join the challenge.

As Shannon stated, the use of hate will never entirely disappear, but we can find different ways to express dislike.  Join this teen in trying to change the world for the better!!



18 thoughts on “Call To Action

  1. Indeed, I will go like her post – it is a very good idea. I need to be very motivated to use that word, as is, but I also admit that I do not use the word ‘friend’ as freely as many do, either. Acquaintance, yes, but, IMHO, friendship is something of value that needs to be earned over time.

  2. Thank you so much for the support, I really appreciate it! I hope everyone will get the message that hate can be overcome if we do it together 😊 Thank you again and I hope your day has been amazing!

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