How Keystone Habits Changed a Corporation

I want to discuss a little house cleaning effort I will conducting over the next couple of weeks.  I will be cleaning out the blogs I follow and then refollowing those that follow me.  If you see that I have Unfollowed you, please do not panic!  lol  I will be revisiting your page and following you.  I have to do this because WP limits the number of blogs one can follow and I don’t want to run into problems with the Power.

Back to the lecture at hand…

This is an excerpt from Charles Duhigg’s book The Power of Habit I found on Huffington Post.  I recommend reading it as it clearly lays out what I have found to be the truth about understanding habits and their impact on our lives, success and fulfillment.


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19 thoughts on “How Keystone Habits Changed a Corporation

    1. I am not sure what the limit is, but I know they monitor pages that Follow lots of pages to prevent spamming. They may not have a definite number but I asked Jason at Harsh Reality this morning via email and he confirmed they WP does limit. And if you get close to that number they will shut you down.

      1. They shut him down for a few days. I think it is important we know, because I don’t want to reach the limit and get shut down too. I know Jason I can ask him.

      2. I you find out let me know. I am aware that my Follow list exceeded 6,000. I know a few blogs that have over a 100,000 followers that have said to me that they follow back over 25,000 blogs. So it might be in relation to the number of followers. I just didn’t want to be on their radar. You know how knee-jerk the powers can be.

      3. Wow! How did you have time to read 6000 blogs? Do you have a tip for managing subscriptions? I get a lot of blogs in my email so I could use a tip. Thanks Janice

      4. I went to my profile and selected Never Send Email under the Default Email Delivery drop down menu. Then I simply followed through my Reader.

      5. I am struggling with keeping up with everyone that follows me. I am fortunate that of my 4200, lots of them read and visit my page. I want to try to visit everyone but it is very difficult.

      6. Wow! I may blog about how to. Deal with so many blogs in your inbox. I will of course link back to your site. Thank you for the information today.

      7. I talked to Jason today about it as he follows more than that. He said you find a rhythm to the whole thing. Btw, support told me today that there is no limit on the number of blogs a page can follow.

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