Be Aware

The support guys and gals at WP are in the process of unsubscribing me from all the blogs I currently follow.  This allows me to IMG_7131clean up my follows list as it had gotten a little out of control!  lol  If you notice I have unfollowed your page please do not get upset as I will be revisiting everyone that follows me and returning to follow your page.

I should be finished with this process over the next couple of days.

Thank you so much for your patience!!


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4 thoughts on “Be Aware

  1. I’ve noticed too that I’ve lost subscribers or t hey were deleted from my subscription. It’s very strange because I didn’t unsubscribe. It must be a glitch since WP is constantly upgrading or changing. I’m following you. 🙂

  2. I too seem to have gotten lost in the following jungle so to say but for now I keep up best I can and each time I blog on WP I go through my reader list and share my fellow bloggers new additions. Yours included.

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