Spring Cleaning and a Few Random Thoughts

I have posted that I am currently cleaning out my “Following” list which is taking the support people more time than I expected.  If you notice that I have stopped Following you please do not panic or get upset, I will return to your page and follow you if you are on my “Follow” list.

The procedure for unsubscribing to blogs is not as simple as I thought and my list that originally numbered 1,996 is actually much more extensive than I thought.  Anywho, please be patient and I will subscribe to your page as soon as the problem is rectified.  Thanks.

On to more important matters…I have a few random thoughts.

Random thought #1…I am so tired of Facebook.  I have decided to take a break from the aggravation of the site excluding the management of the Dream Big page to which many of you subscribe, insert shameless self-promotion plug here…Dream Big, Dream Often Facebook page.  It is nice to talk with friends that I would under normal circumstances only see once every few years or so.  But the homophobic, racial, Confederate flag, Cecil the Lion, Tom Brady, Donald Trump memes and posts have absolutely worn me to a nub.  I simply cannot take it any longer and will be taking a long break from FB.  AHHHHHH….

Random thought #2…my friend Katherine at Hansen’s Chronicle posted a week or so ago about the negative affects positivity can have on her.  Contrary to what a few have presumed I would think, I thoroughly enjoyed her post.  I am a huge fan of hers and of every person expressing their opinion.  Her post opened my eyes to a fact: my zeal to want to help people caused a few of my posts to cross a line that I will not cross again.  In the future I will simply write about my journey and eliminate posts that express my frustration with people’s reluctance to change, even if the change will improve their lives.  If you “hear” my words so be it, if not, so be it.   After all, it is your life to live as you see fit so have at it.

Random thought #3…I want to say thank you to Jason at Harsh Reality, http://aopinionatedman.com/, for some advice he gave me yesterday.  When I first started blogging, OM was one of the first bloggers I encountered.  Even having 50,000+ followers he has always been quick to help and give advice that I have followed.  I directly attribute my growth to following every word that he has written about growing a blog and highly recommend visiting his site for information.

Random thought #4…As the summer draws to a close I cannot help but think about how this year seems to be passing by so quickly.  I cannot believe it is August already!

RT #5…When I started this blog last Thanksgiving I never could have imagined I would be receiving near 30,000 views per month after only 8 months of blogging.  I am so thankful and appreciative to all of you guys and gals that visit my page each day.  I say this often when I respond to comments and every word comes from the bottom of my heart…

Thank you so much for taking time from your day to read what I write.  I appreciate every single one of you that finds a small part of the day to take a look at my page, read and then leave a comment or two.  It really means a lot to me.  Thank you!!

I hope everyone has a great Thursday!



25 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning and a Few Random Thoughts

  1. I get the whole agave oil dilemma. I sometimes feel like I need to drop out of that chaos as well. Now I just hide certain people’s posts so I don’t have to hear the constant opinions over and over again. I am finally home so I will be reading and commenting regularly again. Hope you are doing well 😉

    1. All is well this way. You have been the international woman of leisure! Beach trip looked like you relaxed a lot. Glad you and the family are home safe and sound!

      1. I meant to leave you a comment but have been derailed by this ridiculous cleaning issue. I loved your post When Love is Replaced by Hate. Really good topic!

      2. I, like you, have watched as a relationship simply disintegrates. I wonder as you about how people that loved turn to disdain. Sad really.

  2. Second your opinion on fb. I’m so bored with it, I hv even forgotten to log in for 3 weeks and I used to log in several times a day. I can’t even be bothered to even create a page related to my blog. Much prefer twitter.

    Jason’s great isn’t he! 🙂 And you are doing a great svc in helping bloggers too! Hv a wonderful day!

    1. I had not realized I followed so many blogs. the support said it was the largest follow file he had ever seen! lol I will not make that mistake again.

  3. I quit FACEBOOK about 2 years ago now and with few exceptions do not regret it! I don’t like how it’s users have been sold out to corporate interests and Privacy invaded and exploited also. I agree about the types of stuff you are sick of seeing — that’s a big reason I quit too. Too much drama!

  4. I have quit my social media for the last 2 years and I felt that it had done me good. I felt that social media have negative repercussions to the users. We are so caught up with the virtual world that we have forgotten to connect with those in our personal life.

  5. I have a personal FB page that I rarely check unless I get a private message. I was turned off years ago and didn’t consider myself a social media person until blogging because what people
    Exp ress here is their heart and their passions. Truly inspiring. However, instead of writing I’ve been getting so sidetracked reading when I should be writing:-) I need to reassess my subscriptions because the inbox is too full and distracting in a good way.

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