Start Off Someone’s Weekend With a Bang!

I want to issue a challenge.  Think tonight about something you can do tomorrow to get someone’s weekend started with a bang!  It could be to pay for someone’s coffee or lunch.  Maybe take bagels to work for all of your coworkers.  You could have a moment where you tell someone what a great job they do and how proud you are to work side-by-side.

Take time tonight and come up with a few ideas.  I want you to develop a heart of giving and you do that by committing acts of kindness and generosity.  You could donate 1/2 of your lunch time to a coworker to give them more time with family.

Whatever you decide to do, I want you to be fully invested in the moment.  Pay attention to how it makes you feel and pay even closer attention to the reaction of the receiver.

Be the person that someone speaks of when they get home tomorrow night.  Small acts carry tremendous weight and value in the human heart!

Just a thought heading into a glorious weekend!



18 thoughts on “Start Off Someone’s Weekend With a Bang!

  1. Thanks, Danny, for this little nudge. It has got me taking the focus off my problems and putting it towards making someone else’s day a little brighter tomorrow.

      1. So, I actually paid it forward tonight. My very dear friend got a ring for herself around Christmas time. It had a very significant meaning to her. She took it off to do the dishes one day and has not seen it since. In the time that it has been missing her life has been in almost constant upheaval. I decided a few weeks ago to order her a new one. I had ordered the first one to her specifications and so I still had that all in my computer. It arrived yesterday morning and she asked if she could come over tonight so when I picked her up the box was sitting on the passenger seat. She had tears in her eyes as she put it on. And today without knowing any of that her four year old son brought up the ring and said he and his sister broke it. I was totally moved to tears knowing I had really done something special for her. I just had to share this with you.

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