Integrative Medicine

I am a fan of integrative medicine as it treats the entire person: mind, body and spirit.  I practice this method to treat my MS along with some standard conventional medical treatments.  Here is a great introductory article to the practice:


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22 thoughts on “Integrative Medicine

    1. I wish more people would educate themselves and take a “whole” person approach, but most don’t want to commit to eating right, exercise, massage, acupuncture, etc. They are trained to take meds. It is sad.

  1. What a great article Danny. I’ve reblogged it on my site. This is the type of medicine I believe will more effectively treat those chronic conditions. I’m curious as to what alternative treatments you use. Thanks for this!

      1. Oh yes Danny thought I replied to you. Thank you so very much for those kind words. I feel humbled and honored for you to write those words given your large readership. Again many thanks!

      2. No problem. I meant to let you know that I use massage therapy, healthy eating, a little exercise and meditation in conjunction with conventional med. to help treat my MS. It really helps keep my mind focused positively.

  2. I’m a fan of integrative medicine too. Problem is, the docs I know that practice IM do not take insurance and will not join a network. Makes life difficult for those depending on insurance, of whatever flavor. We’ll have good medical care when folks become sufficiently health literate to demand that the insurance companies get out from between the patient and the doctor.

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