Mat Silverman Introduces Integrative Medicine

When I was first diagnosed with MS I followed every direction my doctor gave me.  He was and is a conventional medical doctor and sticks with prescribing medication and monitoring symptom developments.  As I have educated myself I have found that treating any disease requires treating the entire person with more than only using traditional medical practices.  Physical exercise, meditation, prayer, eating healthier, acupuncture, chiropractic care, etc. can all help tremendously!

This practice as I understand it is called integrative medicine and I have befriended Mat Silverman, a doctor who practices this full-form (mind, body and spirit) of medicine and writes at Peaceful Practice here on WordPress!  The methods that he espouses can help so many people find a more complete treatment regimen instead of relying solely on prescribed medication.  One can seek out massage, acupuncture or meditation in conjunction with traditional medicine.

I encourage everyone to check out his page and introduce yourself to Mat as he is eager to help people, which as you all know, is one of my favorite traits in people.

See the power of the reblogging?  I have met and read his work through the reblogging practice and if not, then I might have never read his page and/or been exposed to his integrative medical practice.  His page is now one I love to visit and wait for posts and you will too!

I can speak to the use of a chiropractor and massage therapy and strongly encourage everyone to educate themselves as to their benefits.  I say this sometimes when I am speaking to groups about MS: pay attention because you never know when disease will touch your life!  You might need a doctor like Mat one day and if you educate yourself now, you will be 10 steps ahead in the future!



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  1. I agree with you and thanks for posting this. I, for one, have been going to a chiropractor for over 40 years. The benefits have been great and I believe my body us in better condition because of it. If you do not keep yourself “tuned” , it’s kind of like a car…it starts to bread down sooner than it should. And, this is only one way to help keep yourself healthy.

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