Contemplation as a Form of Mediation

I am not sure that everyone understands that contemplation can be used as a form of meditation; and a very effective form at that!  It allows me to let the brain work through problems helping me to purge.  Taking time to specifically empty the head is a very important practice.  I found this article to further the discussion:


Big Dreamer


14 thoughts on “Contemplation as a Form of Mediation

  1. A very worthwhile share! Thanks.. The link is great and it is good to see people encouraging contemplative routines. Hope you have a peace filled day! 🙂

  2. Great post and it definitely needs to be talked about more. We spend too much time with outside noise, like tv, internet, movies, etc. If we want to be a great writer, we must spend time in the quiet, contemplating.

  3. Danny, thanks for the post. Nice to see others interesting in Contemplation and what they are doing. It has been one of my favorite tools in connecting with the Divine within for some 40 years. I highly recommend this practice of just BEing. Namaste

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