When was the last time you sat quietly in a peaceful location and thought about life?  I am surprised by the number of my friends that do not practice this form of meditation.  Sometimes I sit and stare blankly and allow my mind to purgeIMG_7061 until it can’t purge any longer and then…silence.

It can take quite a long time for my mind to calm down, but it is so important to allow it to simply unwind and dump the junk.

Find yourself a quiet place at the park, spread out a blanket and sit and watch.  Let the eyes see, let the ears hear and let the mind purge.  You will thank yourself.

Just a thought on a Saturday…

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26 thoughts on “Contemplation

  1. For me, I have to talk out loud to myself. I find a place where I am alone and say what I have on my mind, whether problems or achievements and somehow I am able to solve all of them. I also get many more ideas if I brainstorm aloud. These sessions keep me sane!

  2. That hour or so, just before sunset (golden hour?) is my favourite time to sit and watch the birds flitting about and catching an early evening snack. The warmth on your face helps the relaxation too – don’t do it nearly as much as I should though!

  3. I tend to contemplate a lot lol. So much so my brain doesn’t know how to shut up most of the time. But I tend to contemplate the most when I am either at the beach or looking at the sunset.

  4. For me it would be watching the sunset at the beach while enjoying the breeze and scenery. It always the place for me to reflect. If not, it would be on a rainy day over a cup of hot tea with my notebook or book at hand.

  5. Quite a calming post. I used to do this in my final year at university after it was suggested at sunday mass. Just taking a few minutes in the morning to lie in silence… easier said than done but well worth it!

  6. It’s been too long! There are moments I just want to run away and retreat to somewhere quiet all by myself. Unfortunately kids and work beckon…but there’ll be a time!

    It’s important to have alone time. Without the distraction of technology.

      1. It puts life in perspective. It makes worrying seem foolish as the stars are more numerous than sand particles on the shore. I always wonder if there might be someone out there looking back at me?!

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