If I Had Only Known

Sundays are a great day to sit back,

 gain perspective and think about those in our lives for which we should be thankful.  Life has a way of blurring our perspective which accounts for us taking so much for granted.  Life can change with one phone call or one distracted decision and someone that was there just moments before is now gone forever.

Take time today to stare a little longer, to hold a little more and be in the moment just a few extra seconds.  Reba once wrote, “If I had only known…”
Be aware enough to be appreciative as this moment right now could be the last.

Big Dreamer

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22 thoughts on “If I Had Only Known

      1. Absolutely! No worries. I have to be honest, you post so frequently, I can’t say I’ve read them all. But the ones I have read have been very insightful. I’ll read as much as I can though.

      2. No real need to read it all as I am sure there are more important things to do with your life! Lol
        But I do appreciate you catching a post here and there!!

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