Sometimes a New Perspective is Called For…

It is amazing how a change of scenery can change your mental perception of life around you.  It reminds me of a IMG_7127philosophy professor I had in college that suggested that I sit in a place in a familiar room that I had never sat before; like on the floor in the corner.  I still practice this today.  You see new blemishes on walls, new shadows, new angles.  I use “new” when actually not one of the “new” sights are new at all; they have been there all along.

Sometimes in life the answer you are looking for is right in front of you; you simply need to see life from a new perspective.

The slightest change in angle can open your eyes to an entirely new world.

A simple thought for a beautiful Sunday morning!

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23 thoughts on “Sometimes a New Perspective is Called For…

  1. That’s very true. The biggest problem though is when people are stubbornly fixed in their own viewpoints, beliefs or ideas and are unwilling to see or those of others. The result are prejudice, intolerance and conflict.

    1. Wow, this post is a blast from the past! I still practice this and probably will forever. I don’t remember anything else that professor ever said, but this one lesson has been invaluable.

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