Be Thankful

It is so easy to assume tomorrow will come.

   We lay our heads on the pillow at night, close our eyes and trust that we will wake in the morning, but not all

do.  I don’t want to take life or people for granted so here’s a list of what I am thankful for on this Tuesday:

1.  My wife Evelina.  She puts me before herself and shows me each day the true meaning of sacrifice.
2.  My family.  My parents, sister, brother-in-law, nephews and niece are all close and it is nice to be able to get together and laugh and cut up. And having Evelina’s family is an extra blessing. They love me as their own and for that I am grateful.
3.  My MS.  I know this sounds crazy, but having MS has opened so many doors to be able to help others.
4.  Having my basic needs met each day.
5.  Having quality transportation.
6.  Clean drinking water.
7.  Having a roof over my head.
8.  Living in the United States.  I know my country has problems, but we still have freedoms that other governments do not give people.
9.  Love, forgiveness and redemption.
10.  This blog and the many friends I have made here over the last 8 months.  Thank you all!!

I need to stop and be more aware to be thankful more often.  Life passes so quickly and giving thanks happens so infrequently.  Take time today to tell someone that you appreciate them and to be thankful.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

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28 thoughts on “Be Thankful

  1. And we are all Thankful for you, for your words of wisdom that can brighten a lot of people’s day, for teaching us something new that we perhaps would not know without your blog …….

      1. It is. And it seems like I have so many things on my mind with habit development, writing blog posts, the book, the charity work. I feel like adding another item to the checklist will explode my head. lol

      1. The ones that exist, and there are far more than the mainstream would have us believe, get burnt out trying to compensate for this phenomenon: “there are those who show up, set up and clean up and then there are the rest who just show up.” People are learning, and there is hope in this Dray, to give without expectation of something in return. Balanced selflessness is a feeling that no material thing can offer. Great topic! 🙂

      2. 🙂 it’s good to know there are people in the world to include you and all those who you have collected by choosing to blog. I keep saying it feels like we are having a great family reunion right now – like millions of stars gathering to make a new galaxy. Keep the positive energy flowing!

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