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I Need Reblog Links 
I am in need of reblogging links! I appreciate those that have been faithful providers of linkage and encourage those to continue. I also want to encourage those that have not left me a link for reblogging to do so. New and creative posts would be great!
Keep in mind that reblogging is basically sharing. I am not only “sharing” your work with my readers, but I am also spreading your exposure through the tags I assign to my post. If you tag your post with 12 tags and I tag with 12 different, then you have doubled your tag search exposure for one post.
Click this link, In Need of Reblogging Links, and leave your link in the comments. Btw, reblogging is no type of trick. I get nothing from this except knowing I am helping someone else. There are no ulterior motives, no tricks, no scams.
Anywho, leave a link.


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