A challenge from a blogger! “The monster in my room”

This is the type of connection and community that reblogging helps create!!!

Catlip Candy

Excuse to Visual Novels! Today I’m sharing a short story because of a challenge from a certain blogger. But I plan to make this a Visual Novel (or maybe Kinetic Novel as there’s no branching paths here) in the far future, once I’m done with my list of other projects/ideas.

I originally found about this challenge from a reblog in Dream Big, Dream Often. I thought it was a neat challenge and a good way to hone my skills in writing (since I’m not that good with words). I ended up visiting the original blog post in Kasim’s Korner

The challenge from Kasim’s Korner: Make me sympathize with a man who killed his brother.

This part here is my adventure in brainstorming. I wrote it in white because their spoilers. You can drag it with your mouse to read it, if you want, after you read the story:

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