A Little Homepage Reorganization Is Called For!

I am making a few changes around the Dream Big household:8

First I have changed my home page so that the Dream Big Original posts are stickie and stay in chronological order at the top of my page allowing new readers to see my works first.  The first 4-5 posts will always be my latest original content followed by all the reblogging posts.

Also to make this easier I have added a Menu tab at the top of my home page titled Dream Big Originals, which will include all of my original content.  I felt I needed to add these measures to differentiate my work from the reblogging that I do so much of for you folk.  I had several misunderstandings that a reblog was my production, when in fact it was not.  Hopefully this will display my work more prominently while also allowing me to share the reblogging of others.

Reblogs will still be displayed deeper down the list and can also be found under the Reblogs category search.

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11 thoughts on “A Little Homepage Reorganization Is Called For!

  1. good ideas… 🙂 I need to work on my site but I don’t know how!! guess I need some blogging lessons! I just have used the format that was free so…. any suggestions of where I can go to learn? thanks 🙂

    1. I usually leave my page alone, but there was much confusion this weekend over what is mine and not mine. Also I have been concerned that the reblogging would drown out my “voice.” I think this fixes both of those problems.

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