Being poor Doesn’t Necessarily mean Worse Mental Health

Mental health is an important topic and A Journey With You is raising awareness!

A Journey With You

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I watched the documentary: Living on one Dollar. I was so moved by the film, I cried almost the whole way through it. The film is about a group of four college students who go to a very poor village in Guatemala and try to live on one dollar a day.  They set up guidelines on how they will do this to best duplicate how the local people do it. For example, every day they pull a number between zero and nine out of a container and that is how much money they have for that day – this was supposed to replicate the villager’s day labor jobs that were not guaranteed and for which they never knew how much they would be paid.

What captured my heart about the film was there was often not enough for children to eat, and the villager’s…

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