10 Benefits of Walking That Will Transform Your Life

When some people envision living a healthy lifestyle they see quinoa, rock climbing, bicycle racing, marathons and tons of activities.  And to some that does define a healthy lifestyle.  But there are very simple ways to achieve a similar end result.  And one of those simple exercises is walking!



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17 thoughts on “10 Benefits of Walking That Will Transform Your Life

  1. Nice to know that you are walker, Danny, as I am one myself. I have a four mile routine almost every day, except on rainy days, and enjoy it all the way as it adds a zing, propelling you happily through the day even at my sixty plus years…best wishes.

  2. Walking is the only exercise I get, mainly because I can’t drive! It’s nice to read I’m doing something healthy for a change. Now if you could post something about drinking too much wine is good for you?

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