Social Media Connection

If you have a Facebook page, Twitter handle or LinkedIn account and want to connect leave me a link(s) in the comments of IMG_7121this post and I will LIKE, Follow, Connect!  After all, the more connections around the web, the better, right?!

Please don’t link your blog or recent posts.  Only social media links!

I have never done this before and am curious as to how this will go…

Dream Big Facebook page


Big Dreamer

129 thoughts on “Social Media Connection

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  2. I’ve been on various social media and to be honest I’ don’t think that social media is powerful at all. It’s a waste of time stemming from a belief of being connected to the world when in fact it’s all an illusion. For me the best social media is face to face interaction. At the moment I’m only on twitter a vary impersonal and far too skeletal way of interactive social media.

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    • That is one opinion. But not one that I hold. I find Twitter to be a very valuable asset. I guess it depends on how willing you are to participate and how you use the tool. But to each their own. For my blog I get 100-200 views each day from my social media sites.


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