Don’t Take it Personally, I Occasionally Write to Force Myself to act

Working to raise awareness…

A Journey With You

Today, like every Friday, my husband left the house at five-fifty in order to be at the organization he volunteers at, by six.

While he is sweating over a grill making pancakes, eggs, hash browns, or whatever else is on the menu this morning, I am typing away at the computer.

My husband’s advocacy for the mentally ill and my advocacy for the mentally ill, look totally different.

My husband participates in one of the most basic and nurturing of all tasks – he feeds people. Not only that, he gets his hands dirty, he sweats, and he looks people in the eye, giving them the message that even though society isn’t meeting their basic needs for food, clothing and shelter, someone still sees them as valuable, human, and important. Someone actually sees them.

I have seen hundreds of blogs dealing with every type and every aspect of mental illness…

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