Meet n Greet Time!!

Per our usual agreement, here are the rules:

  1. Leave a link to your page or post in the comments of this post and/or in the comments of these MnG links: Meet n Greet from 7/12  and     Meet n Greet from 7/31
  2. That means there are 3, three, opportunities to connect.  This new comment thread and the threads from 7/12 and 7/31.  If you have not left a link in all 3 please be sure to do so as this means more exposure for your page!!!
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Now that all the rules have been clearly explained…let the Meet and Greet begin!!

See ya Monday!


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124 thoughts on “Meet n Greet Time!!

  1. I’m a veteran when it comes to these Meet and Greets, but feel free to check me out! I’m a fairly new writer who posts short stories and poetry on my blog

    Check it out and you can find stories that make you laugh, or cry, or are just plain disturbing. Sam didn’t check out my stories after seeing the link, Sam isn’t with us anymore. Don’t join Sam 🙂

    P.S. Thanks Danny for continuing to do these Meet and Greets

  2. I run a mental health blog over at, and I’d love to know what others think of my blog, both in terms of content and design. I’m doing a redesign this month (or trying to!), and I really want to go with some type of vintage theme. If anybody has any ideas on what they’d like to see on my blog, whether it’s content or design related, please comment on my About page!

  3. Hi! I got tired of my family eating tacos, hot dogs, and pizza every day so I started making a different meal each week night and blogging about our food and adventures. Lots of Disney love on here too!

    My now 12 year-old has decided to now be a vegetarian so I am trying to support him with this by making vegetarian meals that others can add meat to if they so choose.

    It’s always something new around here!

    I have followed many of you and hope to read all your blogs soon.

    Here is my latest post on our dinner:

  4. What a fantastic idea and a great opportunity to connect with new people. Thank you so much for creating this post.

    My blog is my verbal canvas. My writings range from musing moments where I just need a blank page to let my fingers wander over the keyboard, to recounting my adventures through life, even the icky dark moments of self doubt, depression, and inadequacy.

    My blog isn’t a highlight blog. It’s the good times and the bad times. It’s the real times. It’s me stumbling over molehills and climbing mountains. It’s my reminder that I’m human and doing my best, because sometimes, when things get overwhelming and stressful, that’s all we need to keep fighting the good fight.

  5. Reblogged this on Transcend ❤ and commented:
    Go get exposure for your articles 🙂 Self-promotion!

    BTW, guys, I have therapy today so I can’t reply to comments soon 😮 I posted a link here and didn’t reblog before because I was already posting too much yesterday so I planned it for today morning 😀

    But go over there and meet some peeps 🙂

  6. Hi, I’m new to the blogging world and I’m not sure how to re-blog, but will see if I can figure it out 🙂

    My page is: I’ve become a stay at home Mom after 17 years as a working Mom. My blog is about finding frugal ways to maintain our lifestyle on one income.

    Thanks for the opportunity to network. I look forward to reading everyone’s blogs.


    1. You pulled off the reblog with grace. The most important thing about reblogging is going and editing your reblog post and adding tags as you would any “normal” post. If not it just sits there and only your followers see.

  7. Hey guys

    My name is Natalie, not something you would find out on my blog. What A fantastic idea to meet other bloggers. Well my blog is over at It is still rather young and in need of a re-vamp though I´m going to use an old phrase we shouldn’t´t judge a book by its cover 🙂
    Anyway if I had to put a category on my blog I would say, health and well-being. A lot of my posts are about simple treatments or healthier methods for hair styling, however if you read my blog you will notice it all links to a happier and healthier you 🙂 If this is your kind of read check it out and you can also check out my Vlogs over at
    Look forward to some new great reads.
    don´t forget to share Dannys link, sharing is caring.

  8. Thanks for the meet and greet. I am Rajagopal, and the link to my site is I write on everything that interests me, from men and matters, and events and places. I look forward to exchanging notes with as many interesting minds as possible..

  9. HI Danny! NO re-blog buttons for me to click on.. :(, but I’ll be re-blogging your post so you get a ping-back (hopefully it works, because sometimes they just don’t!)

    Meantime, lovely to meet other bloggers here. I’m only just a mom trying to juggle it all with career, kids, family and my love for cooking/eating.travelling and blogging!

      1. You’re Welcome! I read that part this time but failed to see it last time. Sorry about that Danny. :0) Blessings, Emma

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