New Indie Author: Kristy Bates

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Lani's Book Reviews & More

Love Never Fails by Kristy Bates

In the four years since Rebecca’s abuse had started, she had become so disenchanted by the abusive situation that she was forced to live in at home that she had runaway from home, tried to commit suicide and told every one of authority that would listen and each and every one of them had turned their backs on her and had offered her no help. The summer after she turned fourteen, she found a stranger that did listen and spent the summer with him and his friends finally feeling that she belonged to part of a family. One that made her feel loved and like she belonged with them. At the end of that summer she was forced to make a very grown up decision. Once the decision was made and they were gone, she realized that she was wrong. It would be after years had passed and she had…

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