A Beautiful Gift

Last Friday Evelina and I were sitting around and someone knocked on the door.  We were surprised to see that we had received a rather large package and were excited to find out what it could contain.  Melanie, my friend at Amusing Myself Musings had thoughtfully mailed me a beautiful pillow with Dream Big printed on the front!!  It even matches the colors in our bedroom perfectly!!  She also included a cute card which I also included in the picture below.

It is amazing to realize that she thought about me and my little blog when she found this pillow, purchased it and mailed in to me from Oregon!!  I am absolutely speechless.  When you get a few extra minutes today click on her page, read her blog and leave her a little comment.

Thank you Melanie, you are a true sweetheart!



29 thoughts on “A Beautiful Gift

  1. It was very thoughtful on Melanie’s part, however after having read one of her postings earlier this month, about ten days ago, I would say she needs to take a class in anger management. She is quite something else IMO.

    1. Interesting that you’ve jumped to that conclusion based on reading one post… you have no clue who I am obviously. I thrive on humor. I will on occasion write a well aimed rant based on a real life frustrating experience. I typically vent my emotions and then get on with my life. As a woman who has been told I’ve got not much time left on this earth, I will say and do what I please, especially on MY blog. I do not know who you are, but please don’t jump to unfounded conclusions about someone you have no idea about. It’s poor form. Thank you. Also, I might add, Danny has been one of my blogging friends from day one, I think he “knows” me far better than you.

      1. There will always be those looking for reaction. I get those types of emails weekly and simply ignore. It is a small form of trolling in which i just refuse to take part.

      2. It’s only the second time I’ve gotten that in the whole time I’ve been a blogger so I guess I’ve been fairly lucky in that regard! Some people just cannot deal with their own issues properly and they project them into others. I know this and it’s one of the perks of being a psychologist. I don’t take it too personally. I just find it to be annoying more than anything. Especially when they try to come along and rain on your parade!

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