More Action and Less Talk Might Be the Order of the Day

Everyone seems to desire followers. Advertisers, bloggers, religions are a few that quickly come to mind. I ask myself these challenging questions daily: What personality traits do you possess that make people want to be around you?  What habits do you practice that make people want to follow your example? What are you doing in your life that would make someone follow your lead?

So often we expect people to follow because we say so or we think we are a great person to emulate or we claim to know the right way. Follow my religion.  Follow my example.  Follow my viewpoint.  Follow my lead.  Follow my group.  But seriously, have you stopped and taken inventory and honestly assessed the traits and habits that you practice in your life that would warrant someone following you?

When I think of this concept my mind goes to religion (a topic I try to avoid for obvious reasons).  Those that consider themselves Believers should stop and consider this: is your example strong enough that someone would follow your lead if you could never speak another word in your life?

Are you fluff or substance.  And I am speaking to all of the traditions: Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.  Saying is one thing, living the example is quite another.  Do you live a life of love so strongly that people want to follow your example simply from the light that shines?

Just a thought for a Monday morning…

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27 thoughts on “More Action and Less Talk Might Be the Order of the Day

    1. Thank you. As long as you have the thoughts of action firmly in mind and take action sometimes, I think that is okay. After all we are not Gandhi, right!? lol

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