Segregation or association of like minded people

Meet Lessons From My Daughter!

Lessons from my daughter

In a high school cafeteria.

Why is it that a table of football players is just that! A table of guys who play football together, they share a hobby which makes them spend time together so at lunch they sit together.

Same goes for the cheerleaders.

And so on.

In this jungle there is a table of kids with various abilities. The special need table.

Some people look at it as the place they (the special need kids) have to eat. You know because they don’t belong in the other groups…

I disagree. They don’t sit together because they don’t belong… They sit together because like the football players and the cheerleaders, they have something in common.

It’s a new year, they are 3 weeks in and getting to know each other.

Emily for the first time ever feels comfortable at lunch. She sits at her table. With kids kinda…

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