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Since my trip over to the old golf course I have found myself trapped in an emotional place of serious retrospect, CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY.  I have been thinking a lot about the different events and happenings that went on with all of the cast of characters there in that little golf shop.  As I mentioned before it was a special time in my life.

But then yesterday I read a post called You Don’t Live There Anymore on A New Perspective Perhaps that got me to thinking about human beings in general and what I refer to as “the Uncle Rico Effect.”  If you have seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite then you are familiar with the character of Uncle Rico.  If not, the main character’s uncle is a man named Rico which the family refers to as Uncle Rico.  Uncle Rico is a man in his thirties (?) who is trapped in a world that still revolves around being the starting quarterback of the high school football team.


He still videos himself throwing the football, he carries a football around with him and constantly makes reference to how had things happened differently his team would have won the state championship.  His entire life is built on the memories of that time in life and his high school football career.  He even goes as far as to show off his arm strength by knocking Napoleon off of his ten speed by pegging him in the head with a steak from 40 yards.  Very funny scene but I digress.

Anywho, the point I am trying to make is that the post I read sparked my mind to think about how many people are living in the past: negatively and positively.  Some remember great moments and cling to them like gold, while others have experienced failure and are still allowing that past failure to drag them down.

I wrote a post titled The Start of Something New many months ago about me realizing that my golf game that once was, is no longer.  In that post I discuss the sadness of realizing one chapter in life has come to an end, but the amazing aspect of having the future to create something brand new and exciting!

My challenge today is to inspect your life-thoughts.  By life-thoughts I am referring to your mental impression of your overall life.  Do you dwell on the past: past boyfriends or girlfriends, husbands or wives, jobs, moments, friendships, vacations, victories and failures?  Do you find yourself trapped in past moments wishing life could return to that moment of victory to live it over and over?  Or to correct that past mistake?

Realize it is time to move on.  That time, that moment has passed and life is offering you an amazing opportunity to write a brand new verse.  Take advantage of this time in life.  In the post I referred to above Kim challenged her readers to experience the present “completely” and to pay attention to what is going on in life at this present moment, good and bad.

Her challenge has stuck in my mind and I will accept said challenge.  I will work to be more aware and present of these moments because once they’re gone, they are gone forever.

Just a thought for a Thursday morning…

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8 thoughts on “My Thursday Morning Thought…

  1. Great post! I think the funny thing is that we don’t even realize we are doing it at the time. It grabbed my attention when I flew home to visit family a few weeks ago. It was my first full day back and instead of catching up and enjoying each other’s company, we spent the entire time talking about our trip to the shore the next week and planning the details. One whole day lost talking about and anticipating the future. When I called them out on it I realized that I do the exact same thing when it comes to the past. That is fine once in a while but not if it is continuous and you are missing the now, missing being with the people who are there with you in the same room. I work so hard to be in between the past and future. It’s always a challenge but awareness is always the first step in the right direction 😉

  2. This is a great challenge. The past is gone and the future will come on it’s own, but the present only lasts for a moment and we can never get it back. Enjoy the now.

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