Good Night All

I want to personally thank everyone for their condolences.  The funeral was beautiful and we had an 8 car police escort to the cemetery.  I have never seen such a sight, police cars racing ahead to block intersections, sirens blaring…I am sure my Grandma was looking at the whole event and wondering why such a fuss?!   She didn’t like people making a big deal over her.


The flowers we ordered were stunning which made me happy.  My mind is tired and my emotions are spent so I think I will keep this post simple and short.

Thank you so much to those that emailed and commented.

Now I guess this old rock gets back to spinning and we get back to living. Maw Maw is gone, but I will not forget all those things that made me love her so much.  Until we see each other again…

Good night all,



19 thoughts on “Good Night All

  1. Just read of your loss, very sorry for you and your family, Of course I don’t know any of you but as human beings I think we all share that unavoidable sorrow that results from the passing of a loved one. Hugs to all. Michelle

  2. I’m just catching up on reading blogs after a few weeks. I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss =( it is heart-wrenching to lose someone dear to you. I will be sending prayers and positivity your way.

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