How to Develop More Moments of Clarity

I had a conversation yesterday at the funeral home with one of my cousins about life, success and goal achievement.  He said something that sparked a thought.  I was explaining to him the emails I receive and the examples of success I see in the world make me wonder why some people achieve their goals and some do not.  What separates 2 very similar people with similar goals where one achieves and one does not even try?

His answer was simple and accurate: a single moment of decision.

I can attest to this as it relates to my weight.  I looked at myself in the mirror last December and I decided that I had to get my health under control.  From there I developed a plan, took action and persevered.  But the beginning of that journey was a single moment of decision, where in, I became resolute in my mind to regain control of my health.

4The woman who decides to quit smoking does so in a single moment of clarity where she becomes completely convinced in her thinking that she must change this habit.

My friend in high school decided to save money to buy the car in one particular moment in time.

The mind changes from being flippant, inconsistent, wavering, frail and doubtful to resilient, unrelenting, unwavering, resolute, determined and steadfast!!  Do you recall the number of times I have said “change your thinking, change your life?”   This single moment of decision can and has changed the lives of countless numbers of men and women throughout history!  And this moment is not necessarily based in emotion, but it is based in resolution!  Emotion wears off, whereas, resolution is definite.  Also, read 15 Ways to Change Your Thought.

I have read the story of many religious conversions that began in one moment, an epiphany, that changed the person’s life forever.  The one aspect of the “epiphany” moment is it cannot be forced or contrived; the moment happens on its own, in its own time.

So if we cannot create these moments, how can we put ourselves in a place for these moments to present themselves more often??  OR can this be achieved at all?

If you are searching for your place in life or are looking for some type of motivation to achieve your goals, then I believe there is one thing you can do to help yourself: open yourself to experiencing more.  Click 50 Ways To Open Your World for more info.

But in short, the more you experience in life the more you open yourself up to experiencing these decisive moments in time. It is not guaranteed, but I believe your chances are better if you are expanding your life-experiences than sitting on the couch eating Cheetos.  If you want to have these epiphany type moments where life becomes very clear and your purpose for the moment becomes very clear, then expand yourself.

Exercising may be the best activity that brings these moments more than any other; walking seems to do it for me.  You cannot get new results by continuing the same old, worn out life-habits.  You must change what you do to change what you get!!

I want you to think about what you want in life, then I want you to be honest about whether you are really on the path to getting what you want.  If you are not, then I want you to write down all of your habits.  Compare your habits to what you want from life.  If you are not operating at the level you desire, then change your list of habits!  It is that simple.  If you do not, then you will continue on your current path.  If you are very honest in compiling your habit list, then the necessary changes will be very obvious.

Just a thought on this beautiful Saturday morning…

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15 thoughts on “How to Develop More Moments of Clarity

  1. I’m an absolute goal fanatic! I love thinking about some goals work out and others do not. It’s definitely a choice but also a commitment to that choice. There’s interesting stories about the Other man and his team who were trying to be the first people to fly. The Wright brothers did it first. His team never achieved the goal. Why? Well I don’t want to spoil the story! Thank you for sharing. Keep on keeping on! Xx~LL

    1. That is a great story. I read a statement from Orville Wright where he talked about the brothers’ success coming from being able to fail at a faster rate than their competitors. They realized the more they could try, fail, and learn what wouldn’t work, the faster they would figure out what would work. One of my favorite success stories!

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