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I like to be a person that leads by example and does instead of says.  Tomorrow I will be attending an event hosted by the Second Harvest Food Bank of the Carolinas as a representative of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  This will be a great opportunity to help raise awareness for MS and will give me the opportunity to speak with over 100 people about my story, the National MS Society and multiple sclerosis in general!

I encourage you to find an outlet to perform volunteer work.  I have “preached” this in the past and am a believer in the benefits of charity work.  I promise you volunteering will change you for the better!

Here is a great list I found on of great places to volunteer your time:

Good Places to Volunteer Your Time

credit: venis ivy
credit: venis ivy

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      1. My friend and I run a charity in the SW of the UK called The Project ( we support young people with mental health issues and their families. It has made me a very happy person 🙂 I’m also glad there are lovely people out there like you doing good! I also suffer from MS like you.

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