6 Ways to Stop Lying to Yourself

8At some point we all lie to ourselves.  We do so for many reasons, but usually it is to justify actions that are contrary to the type of person we want to be.  PsychCentral has 6 great ways to combat this destructive habit:



19 thoughts on “6 Ways to Stop Lying to Yourself

      1. Yeah. It’s sad because our grandma was our family leader. There are a lot of us running around! Lol Now there is a gigantic void. And no one can fill the gap. I miss her dearly.
        Are the doctors any closer to figuring out an effective treatment route other than simply treating the pain?

      2. Awww that’s a shame. Sounds like she left behind some fairly large shoes to fill….
        The deal with me is that I’m akin to a snag in a sweater that gets pulled and starts to unravel the whole darn thing… they want me back at the end of October at the Mayo Clinic to put me through more testing. Hopefully when it’s all said and done, they WILL be able to treat me and some of the issues I have that are cropping up! How is YOUR health?

      3. I have been experiencing very few symptoms. It has been odd as I am not sure how to act! Lol. I am taking advantage of the recent upturn and going to help rebuild a halfway house for homeless men Saturday. Should be a good day.

      4. Yikes. Yes, I don’t have to tell you!
        For those of you who aren’t so familiar with Multiple Sclerosis, heat is a major trigger for symptoms and can be quite damaging to someone like our dear friend Danny. Keeping cool in warm weather is very important, and not over-exerting oneself in the heat can sometimes become a matter of life or death in a person with MS, depending on how severe their case is.

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