Just Stop It

Self deception can create the mindset that you must pretend like everything is okay in life. But, sometimes we need to be honest and ask for help!


What’s the one thing we all seem to do?

Do you know what it is?


Well I shall tell you.

We lie to ourselves and to others about how we feel all the time.

If someone asks us how things are going, we all turn around and say yeah it’s all good or fine and we also say it to ourselves.

You know what I mean, we turn around and tell ourselves its ok, we are fine it’s all good.

When realistically there is a very strong chance that everything is not fine, that we are not good and we just don’t want to admit it to ourselves.

We seem to think that not being ok is a weakness, that is shows us as being vulnerable and that is a bad thing because that means we can be seen as weak and a failure.


It is ok to…

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