5 Simple Habits That Are Sure to Make Your Life Amazing

I work to keep my life as simple as possible, but yet live effectively.  I am a big-picture guy and hate getting bogged down in too many details. Because of this, I like to have a few specific facts in bullet point format. That way I can ingest and digest information quickly and easily.

I am asked weekly about my opinion on the most important habits to practice in life.  My personal list is 14 deep and I have worked on developing these habits over the last year.  But for the person new to personal development, I have condensed my list down to 5 simple habits that I believe can change your life forever:


  1. Eat more vegetables.  I can already hear the moaning!  Veggies provide your body with vitamins and minerals that fight disease and provide the body with valuable energy.  Plus, eating more vegetables can help slim down the waste line which will increase your self confidence!
  2. Utilize a 5 item daily to do list.  If you have followed me for any time you know I use and promote the use of a 5 item To-Do list.  I know for a fact that getting a little more organized reduces stress and promotes efficiency.  Limiting your list to 5 items allows you to be productive without becoming overwhelmed.  It also narrows your focus and forces you to concentrate your energy on those things which are truly important.
  3. Walk 5 minutes every day.  Exercise is not an option, it is imperative!!  Many people comment that they simply do not have time to exercise so I endorse the habit of walking 5 minutes per day everyday, without fail.  No one is too busy to walk 2.5 minutes out the front door and 2.5 minutes back.  And I promise you it will have far-reaching positive implications on your life!
  4. Find a hobby.  As life moves forward it is easy to forget about taking care of numero uno. Responsibilities have us focused on work, family, paying bills, etc.  A great way to exercise and expand your mind is to find a hobby.  Also engaging in a hobby will relieve you of some of that stress.
  5. walking_533Volunteer your time.  I volunteer my time in multiple ways: life coaching several of my readers and as a Movement Ambassador with the National MS Society.  Both are incredibly rewarding and fill my heart with joy. When you selflessly invest yourself  in another human being you experience a gift that only volunteering can give; fulfillment.  When you develop the heart of a giver you no longer need to seek to be fulfilled; fulfillment finds you!

Obviously there are many habits one can employ, but these 5 I know have the power to change you forever.  They will change your mind, your body and your spirit!

Sometimes small changes can have an enormous impact!

Do you practice any of these 5?  If so, leave a quick comment about the impact the habit has had on your life!


30 thoughts on “5 Simple Habits That Are Sure to Make Your Life Amazing

  1. “you no longer need to seek to be fulfilled; fulfillment finds you!” this line strikes me! Thank you for the tips! I also plan to selflessly devote my time for other people, after I finish this hectic Senior year in college 🙂

  2. 5 minutes of walking is about all I can do and my son parks far away and makes we walk there and back. He is a certified personal trainer, but not ready yet. He is working out and running different runs and obstacle courses and wants to be in shape before presenting himself as a personal trainer.

    I have hundreds of to-do lists. Never use them, just write them out. Man I am so lazy.

      1. Interesting idea. I am one of those that thinks and writes it down and then I have so many I never do what I plan on. I am procrastinating right now because I want to write a researched article, but afraid to start. Haven’t don’t that since high school over 40 years ago.

      2. stop writing everything down. only write down things that are crucial. Get bread is not crucial, whereas, pay mortgage is crucial. Start with a 2-3 item to do list and eventually expand it to 5, but no more than 5 ever.

      3. I have hundreds of pages of stuff from all the many projects I start and I write list after list after list. If I don’t write it down now I will forget it later, but of course later comes and I forget it anyway because I lost the list in the hundreds I have. I am the most disorganized person in the world. I have an organizer…which is useless. My calendar is large with large blocks and partially useful for appts and hanging right by my computer. My head is a mish mash of junk. Fibro Fog and sleep deprivation. It doesn’t work so good anymore. I can’t even keep up with the filing. My medicare Insurance company is drowning me in paper. Sorry I talk too much. 🙂

  3. Well I got 2/5 going for me right now LOL. I like the concept and I believe I will try that 5 to do list plus with the nerve medication the Doctors have me on I do have a tendency to forget important things to the minor things, so that would help me out greatly at this moment. I used to walk and several miles in the past just to get coffee, but since the operation on my arm in 2013, any vibration will trigger the nerves like release a pack of hounds to gnaw on their favorite chew bone.

  4. I really like this post, and wholeheartedly agree with each one! I for one certainly dont eat enough vegetables, and I know I feel better when I do eat them! I must remedy this by getting more organised. 5 item to do lists, that might be one way to help remedy the above! I like lists, im forgetful, and i get easily distracted with my own thoughts, and can waste hours just day dreaming! Sometimes, these thoughts are negative, and my to do lists keep me busy, and organised. I just need to make them sorter, to avoid that feeling of failure when I dont get everything done. I also really like volunteering, and helping others, the feeling of being useful, knowing that youve helped someone else, and done something worth while. There’s nothing like it.

      1. I think I could manage a 5 item list…and veggies will most certainly be on there! ha. I did have them steemed the other day, but tonight, the temptation of a curry was just too much! 😛

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