Reblogging As a Way to Promote Others

IMG_7128Reblogging is a great way to share an interesting article or post with your readers.  I have had a few people comment that they wished the reblog button was removed from WP as it is simply a way for lazy bloggers to “steal” or “borrow” content to promote their page.

I guess that is one view point and everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I do not hold this opinion.  I have seen a few pages that only reblog other’s material, but very few in relation to the 60+ million bloggers on WP.

I use the reblog button to help others in the same way the reblog button was used to help me.  I share to promote others; plain and simple.  If you would like me to promote your page via the reblog button then click the link below and leave your post in the comments:



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