Sharing is Caring: How Reblogging Helps Others and Yourself

photo 3So many of you are catching on to the good and proper use of reblogging.  It is one of the benefits of maintaining a page on the WordPress platform versus the self-hosted route.  Self-hosting allows for a tremendous amount of freedom and ways to advertise, monetize, etc., but self-hosting also has some mountainous challenges.

At any rate, reblogging is a perk of WP and I think everyone should take advantage and learn how to use the function properly. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when reblogging:

  1. Always edit your reblogged post to include tags.  If you do not add tags then your post is only viewed by your readers, whereas, tags open the post up to the entire community.
  2. Reblog from the goodness of your heart.  I practice reblogging as a way of promoting others.  It was done for me by A Good Blog is Hard to Find and I give back to the community by doing the same.
  3. Reblogging helps you as well.  There will be times when another writer expresses an opinion or view about a topic you have posted about and they do a more succinct job.  When this happens, do not hesitate to offer this to your readers.  People are skimming their reader for a reason: they don’t want to work while at work!!  lol  So give them something to help avoid actually being productive!  They will thank you!!

With all that said, if you would like me to reblog one of your posts, click the link below:


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