2 Organizations That Will Fill Your Heart With Joy

2I thought I would include links to the organizations that allowed us the privilege of volunteering this past Saturday.  The first is called Finish The Wall and they are a charity that finishes up uncompleted buildings and projects that have no future plan for completion.  They truly have a unique niche as they take over unfinished jobs and complete them to be used for humanitarian needs.  They organize trips to other countries and also take on jobs domestically.  Mary Padgett handles volunteer scheduling and she can be contacted through the website.

The second organization is Hoskins Park Ministries and they provide housing, support and employment for the homeless and those men recently released from prison.  They house, mentor and educate 60+ men at any given time.  They started with one house and operated the entire operation from that house.  Now they have 13 houses, a tropical courtyard area with a gazebo and small pond.  They have also constructed a meeting tent for church services, meeting and get-togethers.

Bill Brown is the onsite supervisor and gave us a wonderful tour of the facilities and talked extensively about their mission.  It was an amazing and eye-opening conversation.  If you live in the Charlotte area these groups need volunteers and donations.  Tomorrow I am taking a coffee table, sofa table, books, clothing and house goods.  They need everything and these men would appreciate you stopping by to chat for a while!

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